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Title: Welcome to REAChAID Website

Overview of REACh and REACh Aid.

REAChAid was established as a helpline to assist companies to prepare for the new EU Chemical Regulation REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals) that comes into force in June 2008. The REACH regulation applies to all chemicals produced, imported, distributed or used and thus poses an unprecedented and costly challenge for Irish companies. The legislation also applies to articles and all involved in the supply chain where chemicals are used. Therefore industry should be aware of their duties and responsibilities

The Helpline is part of IBEC’s dedicated REACh Unit set up to give assistance, advice, training and information to companies from a wide range of sectors, particularly SMEs. The legislation is complex, lengthy and rather technical. However, on this website you will find a number of simple guidance documents along with question & answer documents to help you understand your role in REACh.

The site will provide useful links for further detailed information and highlight training, information and educational events to upskill Irish business to help them be compliant.

We will be constantly adding to this site and therefore we welcome your feedback and look forward to your involvement and input.

New CLP Regulations (Classification, Labelling and Packaging of substances and mixture)

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European REACh Agency Website

[Link to the Agency responsible for REACh in Europe

HSA REACH Right Site

Competent Authority for REACh in Ireland

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